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Architecture Matters


FAST FORWARD is the first magazine to bring together diverse voices from architecture, real estate, and politics to address big questions about the future of the city. Inspired by our conference Architecture Matters, we seek to discover what connects us beyond the obvious differences, and to engage with people who are leaving their mark on the world. Curious, free of ideology, and unafraid of differing opinions, we enter into a lively dialogue with a wide variety of actors and personalities – from start-up entrepreneurs, developers, and urban planners to war photographers.

Edited by Nadin Heinich
Founding partner: GIRA


Ruby Press is a publishing house specializing on architecture and urbanism. It was founded in 2008 by Ilka & Andreas Ruby to harness new critical potentials in architectural publishing beyond the coffee table book. Ruby Press books boost a versatile culture of the architectural drawing as a prime tool to both describe and celebrate architectural space.

Buy now for 24 EUR at our publisher Ruby Press.

Edited by Nadin Heinich
Published in: 2022
100 pages
279 x 216 mm mm
ISBN: 978-3-944074-43-6


Editorial Board 

Editor-in-Chief: Nadin Heinich
Editor: Cornelia Hellstern & Anna Scheuermann
Assistance & Research: Kaja Ninnis
Translation: Alisa Kotmair
Design: Atelier Noëm Held
Digital Communications: Alexandra Forciniti

Publisher: Ruby Press

Published in conjunction with the Architecture Matters conference (19–20 May 2022) FAST FORWARD is a plan A project.